Dual Platform Radeon 9600

In a surprising move, ATI has released a $199 Radeon 9600 Pro card which works on both PCs and Macs. This is a smart move for ATI, even if it does involve a significant bit of engineering cost and effort. Now they can distribute one card for both systems, which have a long history of using different cards, with Mac versions being hideously overpriced. In the end, consumers will benefit from every angle, by being able to purchase the card in stores, as well as saving some money.

For the price, the card is quite nice, too. Personally, I would never spend over $200 on an upgrade video card for any system, and ATI just barely hit that mark. The AGP 2.0 card features 4X and 8X compatibility, 256 MB of DDR RAM, as well as the dual-link capability (to drive the high-end 30″ Apple displays). Finally, an affordable Mac video card exists which doesn’t skimp on performance…or TV output! [via]

Dual Platform Radeon 9600

2 thoughts on “Dual Platform Radeon 9600

  1. Awesome. I’ll be adding this to an “outdated” G5.

    I think this is the way it will be in the future. With the Mac moving to Intel, we’ll be able to more directly compare performance to price, and get better value for our money. Video cards are a prime example. Mac users have always paid more. This is bound to stop.


  2. I had a similar thought to Andrew before I saw Andrew’s comment :)

    I suspect some of the work to support PCs and Macs on the same card would have been required to support both Intel-based Macs and PPC-based Macs and that the cost of doing this work was less than the combined cost of maintaining two separate product and marketing the fact that Card A worked in IntelMacs and Card B worked in PPCMacs.


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