By Collin Allen

Secure Communication

July 31, 2005

An interesting article describes how scientists are using a single beam of photons to create a “secure” data line, as opposed to lasers, which emit many streams. How having a single beam helps make it more secure, I’m not quite certain. I would guess that if you could intercept one beam of photons from a laser, it would be possible to intercept the single one as well.

The security of information depends on the properties of light that is used to transmit data. Laser beams which are used at the moment send billions of photons, making it easy for hackers to steal some of them and break the code, said Rabeau.

Despite their efforts, this won’t stop people from writing their passwords down beside the sending or receiving computer at either end. The weakest link of the chain is often the people involved, not the technology. That’s not to say it isn’t susceptible to attack, but unfortunately all the advanced technology in the world can’t stop the power of a Post-It. [via digg]