Flickr Pro

I finally gave in and bought a Flickr Pro subscription. The main reason being that they only allow you three photosets on an unpaid account, whereas pro members have an unlimited amount. Now that I have a pro account, I’ve sorted my photos into my newly acquired photosets, and the results can be seen in the updated gallery here at Command-Tab. I’ll be adding photos to a new set each time I do a project, as well. If you would like to keep up with my photos, you can subscribe to my Flickr RSS feed (or Atom, if you prefer).

Despite how long I managed to put off purchasing a Pro account, I really do think that the services Flickr provides are great. Not only do they have a community on their site, they allow you to access all your photos programmatically via an API, allowing to share them with others on your own site. The API also comes in handy for other projects, as well. I’m quite happy with what they’ve pulled off in a fairly short time, and I’m sure I’ll be a paid member for a long time to come.

Flickr Pro

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