Photoshop: Xbox Jewel Logo and Game Image

It’s been a while since I posted some Photoshop files here, so I’ll add two this time, as they go hand in hand. First up is a 350 pixel Xbox jewel logo found on game covers and packaging. In hindsight, I should have created it much larger, but this is as big as it gets. It’s made up of tons of layers, but they’re all labeled well enough so you can figure out what each accomplishes. The only part of this file I didn’t create from scratch is the actual Xbox “X” symbol in the middle.

The second Photoshop file is a 256×256 pixel image representing a game cover, originally created for Xbox Media Center usage (which makes use of the jewel logo above). The Halo 2 cover is a scan of the game jacket itself, and the header and Xbox Live strip are also separate layers. Under the cover layer is a “Place Game Cover Here” drop zone-looking area, possibly for a drag-and-drop style cover creation program.

You can see both images in the preview JPEG image, or download both Photoshop files as a zip archive (1.2 MB). Feel free to modify either however you see fit — all I ask is that you drop me an email if you do end up using them in a project. Both files were created in Adobe Creative Suite 2 with compatibility mode on. While I haven’t tested it, these files should open with at least Photoshop 7.0 or greater.

Photoshop: Xbox Jewel Logo and Game Image

2 thoughts on “Photoshop: Xbox Jewel Logo and Game Image

  1. This is just what i’mm looking for!
    I’m trying to do something resembling to this…i’d love to see this tutorial!!!
    Who would share it with me please!!!!


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