Command-Line iSight Tool

A new utility, isightcapture, is a small command-line program to grab frames from an attached FireWire iSight camera. It also has built-in sizing and formatting options. It’s a great tool for developers or users who are mildly familier with the Unix environment, and have a need to grab images from an iSight. It could also be built into a webcam application, a script to upload periodic captures to a webserver, or a similar project. Check it out!

Command-Line iSight Tool

2 thoughts on “Command-Line iSight Tool

  1. Hi. I recently implemented isightcapture for a simple isight webcam. I have it cron’d to run every five minutes. I’ve noticed that after approximately 24hrs the image becomes garbled (looks kinda like pink snow). Cursury inspection does not indicate any obvious causes. Manually running the application has the same result (pink snow). Rebooting the server (surprisingly does not fix the problem). So far the only way I’ve found to correct the problem is to physically unplug the firewire device and plug it back in. Has anyone else experienced this problem or (better yet) found a fix? I haven’t really had much time to delve into it yet, but if I find a solution I will post my findings.



  2. That’s an odd problem. You may consider contacting the author about it. He can be reached on the site linked to from the post (where you got the program). I can’t think of any reason that would be happening…


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