Google Maps API

A note to web application developers — Google has finally opened their maps service via an API, allowing you to programmatically make use of their maps, as well as plot routes and markers. Previously, the only way to do such a thing was by disassembling the JavaScript which Google uses and creating your own unsupported solution. Now you can create a web application which reliably uses Google Maps without worrying about infrastructure changes affecting your code. You will need a (free) API key to make use of the service, which can be obtained here. I’m excited to see what new web-based tools can be built using the new Google Maps API! Any suggestions for a small project which makes use of it?

Google Maps API

3 thoughts on “Google Maps API

  1. Google Maps API

    Das Google Maps API (Application Program Interface) erlaubt es den Programmierern, Google Maps auf ihren eigenen Seiten einzubinden. Die Features sind identisch wie bei Google Maps. Nachteil an der Sache ist die Javascript Anforderung.



  2. Wow thats awesome. Maybe I can use this on my menu web site to calculate distances between zip codes… without actually doing any hard work myself…. just let google do it :-) I already use google maps to link to addresses of places on all my web sites, since it so totally puts mapquest to shame!


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