By Collin Allen

Enhancing JavaScript Interfaces

June 23, 2005

Up until recently, I wasn’t a big fan of JavaScript, primarily because I was under the impression that it had limited functionality (possibly a result of seeing it only being used for popup windows and the like). Since I’ve started working on some Dashboard widgets, I’ve found tons of resources on doing useful things with JavaScript, including one recent site,, which shows a number of ways to liven up web application interfaces. Animations like sliding, folding, fading, and even drag-and-drop resorting are all possible with the right JavaScript. If you’re into creating cool web apps (like Backpack), I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you’re not a coder, is still worth a look, as it’s rather impressive to see some of these things happening in a web browser. I hope this is only the beginning for interactive web applications.