Mail Stamps

I’ve been meaning to add this little app for a long while. Mail Stamps removes the new aqua buttons from Mail in Tiger. While I know many people who like with the new look and enjoy the segmented toolbar items, I — and apparently others — happen to prefer the Panther look. Mail Stamps runs and changes the .tiff files inside Mail back to the Panther look. It has an uninstaller, but as always, make a backup of before running Mail Stamps. Mail now sports the good old buttons I’ve come to know and love in past OS releases.

Mail Stamps

4 thoughts on “Mail Stamps

  1. I too have found myself getting used to the different look, and I too did try cage fighter. Though it is great to see that an app be easy to modify to suit your needs.

    I also find it interesting that mac users (like myself) are so passionate about what Apple and their OS/applications look and feel like. It’s this passion you don’t see from M$ users.

    Every release of Office (on PC at least) sees a new User Interface look, yet you don’t hear much outcry. Apple tweak a little mail app and the world knows about it!

    I love it, and it’s this passion that assisted me leaving the wacky world of windows for the Apple.

    ps. Keep up the blog, I am a new subscriber (thanks to Safari RSS reader, bless you Apple) and will continue to read.


  2. Ben, I see you point but Office is a bit different. Office for PC has always been super fugly so the new UI look was no big deal.Mail’s new look was totally different and un-mac like and deserved the uproar from mac users.

    CF is a great app, but Mail Stamps is better (bias alert -I’m the developer.) As put by Giles in the MacDevCenter article:
    “Use Mail Stamps if you particularly want the full-size Panther icons.”
    [ From “Tweaking Tiger Mail.” The article mentions both CF and Mail Stamps. ]


    > Mail Stamps runs and changes the .tiff files
    > inside Mail back to the Panther look.
    Its also replacing some .toolbar files to get the full-size icons back. This is were Mail Stamps sets itself ahead of the rest.


  3. Andrew,
    I see where your application differs, although I no longer use either becase I just simply got used to the new look of Tiger Mail. Could this be something we are going to see more often in the next version of the OS X release? If you look at the top “menu” bar (I dont know the real name) we see a glossy effect all over it.

    Have you ever heard of Windows Blinds? There are a few other applications out there too, but Windoze users are obsessed with changing their UI (or most semi-geeks at least), because of how ugly Windows it. Mac users tend not to because it’s always oo soo b-e-a-utiful!

    There is ShapeShifter for Mac as well, which revamps your whole theme.



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