Tiger Fast User Switching

“In Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4, fast user switching gets a related feature. When a user session is switched off-screen, if a screen watching program such as OSXvnc-server is running, the off-screen session will get a virtual framebuffer so that it can be remote-operated while another user session or a login window is on the hardware console.”

So now you can remotely control a Mac while someone else is logged in as another user. [via]

Update: More information available at macosx.com

Tiger Fast User Switching

3 thoughts on “Tiger Fast User Switching

  1. Deffinatly a useful and cool feature, never heard about it before though.

    I only have one account on my PowerBook, but I’m sure it could be useful for people who have to have more than one account.



  2. 1981 says:

    not meaning to turn this into a OS X hints site, but has anybody actually been able to get feature running? I’m 10.4 with latest ARD client (and tried OSXVnc also) – I can connect with RealVNC under XP, but when I switch users it closes the session?


  3. Wow thats is frigging cool. I’ll have to test that out and see if it works but if it does, it seems like its only one quick hack away from two users, two monitors, two keyboards and mice, on one computer at the same time…


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