Concierge is a handy little bookmarks drawer which attaches to Safari windows as if it were a built-in function. It allows you to view your browser history sorted by domain, edit your Safari bookmarks without using an entire window or tab, as well as temporarily store links. Personally, I have a habit of throwing links into my Dock and letting them accumulate. After a week goes by, I may end up with a dozen identical-looking URLs in my Dock, each pointing to a place I meant to visit but didn’t have time. Concierge seems to be a great solution for me, and may help you out too. More information is available at Concierge‘s homepage, as well as MacUpdate.


One thought on “Concierge

  1. Ive never pulled a link into my Dock although it seems like a good idea.

    I like to just use the standard bookmark menu, I have to say I love the Spotlight integration into the search now too.


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