Sony BMG CD Copy Protection

Technologies like this never cease to amaze me. Sony BMG intends to stop the unauthorized duplication of CD’s by making more than one copy impossible (Engadget doesn’t note any technical details). The first workaround for this and any audio CD copy protection is so simple: If you can hear it, you can copy it. Having a CD which somehow limits duplication is just an annoyance for legitimate users — anyone who wishes to duplicate it could, at the very least, plug the audio out from a CD player to the line input on a computer and capture the audio.

Wired News provides slightly more information, mentioning that the discs will make use of Windows Media Audio for copy protection. I wasn’t aware that ripped audio tracks could use WMA — I thought they went straight to unencrypted WAV/AIFF when using a ripper like EAC (for Windows). They also mention that audio tracks will be unplayable on iPods “because Apple Computer has yet to license its FairPlay DRM for use on copy-protected discs.” Right, it’s Apple’s fault for not licensing their DRM. If this new copy protection didn’t exist in the first place, there would be no problem.

I wonder… Will all this copy protection will be as easy to defeat as Sony’s previous investment, which could be bypassed using a standard Sharpie marker?

Sony BMG CD Copy Protection

6 thoughts on “Sony BMG CD Copy Protection

  1. Someone always manages to make a copy which of course ends up in bittorrent/donkey/younameit networks. So, if I can’t rip the CD I bought so I can listen to it on the road, I’ll just download the mp3s.

    All that copy protection stuff is just a hassle – but certainly no protection.


  2. kaotica says:

    the copy protection stuff on CDs is whack… I got a Janes Addiction CD that had “copy protection” on it. I wanted to put the CD on my iPod, so all i did was put it in my mac and imported it normally using iTunes. supposedly there was all this copy protection and what not on the disc, and sure enough if i looked in the CD along with the audio tracks was a bunch of executables etc… probably only work on Windoze… I aint complaining, at least i was able to listen to the music on my ipod on the way home on the plane, where you’re supposedly not allowed to listen to CDs due to interference…


  3. Brian says:

    Here’s a hot tip I got from an insider: stop buying CDs.

    Seriously, what are you folks thinking? The reason this kinda bullshit exists is because you keep buying it.


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