By Collin Allen


May 25, 2005

My good friend and fellow Mac User Group member Dave Warker developed a new iTunes controller called hotTunes. It’s just a small application which has almost no interface, but controls iTunes via key commands. While others have pointed out that there are other options out there, I happen to prefer this one above the others. For instance, I’ve used SizzlingKeys for a long time, but it takes a little while to respond if the computer is busy processing something else. I’ve also tried Synergy, but I don’t really need yet another menu bar item. However, hotTunes just sits in your Dock and waits for a key command to pause, play, rate, or show information. I helped design the hotTunes icon, too, so part of me likes seeing my own work in my Dock. Regardless, hotTunes is a great little key command based iTunes controller, and I highly recommend it.