Hack: Xbox Controller + iPod Shuffle

This is a neat hack — it shows how to modify an Xbox controller’s second memory card slot to provide a standard USB port, which can in turn be used to charge an iPod Shuffle while playing the Xbox is on. See the rest of the photos. The Xbox seems to recognize some USB mass storage devices and will ask to format them to the Xbox’s filesystem, and it would not be a good idea to do that if it asks when the iPod is connected. However, you can format USB flash drives and use them to stash game saves. Personally, I keep the 007 Agent Under Fire hack and various homebrew BIOS files on a 32MB flash drive for quick modding.

Hack: Xbox Controller + iPod Shuffle

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    I was wanting to talk to you about modding halo2 maps
    if you know please e-mail me it would be a real help.


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