By Collin Allen


May 20, 2005

The great folks over at Panic, makers of my favorite FTP and iDisk (WebDAV) client have been busy updating their applications for Tiger. Aside from the fact that Transmit 3 beats the Finder hands-down in both iDisk and FTP connectivity, it also boasts AppleScript-ability. Panic has taken advantage of this with a new Dashboard widget to go along with it, and it is really slick. Upon opening it, you click to configure the widget’s network settings, then click Done and are greeted with an animation that indicates it is ready to accept dropped files. While uploading files, the Transmit truck appears to drive along a road, and successful/failed uploads are met with appropriate colored indicators. Overall, it’s a nice addition to an already fantastic client. Panic did such a nice job on the widget animations, too – it makes me wish more widget developers would make use of them. Although copyrighted, the JavaScript code inside the widget is well documented and may give you an idea of how everything works. Download the Transmit widget.