AirPort Express Promo Photoshop File

Continuing in my Photoshop file giveaway category, I present you with some Apple advertising in layered Photoshop format. While I didn’t come up with the advertisement idea, I did make the file from scratch (except for the AirPort Expess photo). Apple’s advertising is a vital part of their brand, especially the music parts of it, and I think it’s interesting to study how they make it. I have left my original screenshot inside the Photoshop file in a layer titled “reference” so that you can compare. You can explore how Apple’s advertising is created by poking through the layers in this file and hopefully learn something from it. Creating this kind of thing keeps my Photoshop skills fresh, as well. Just as for the others, this is a Photoshop CS2 file saved with compatibility mode on.

AirPort Express Promo Photoshop File

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  1. Thanks! For the curious, the masked and shadowed AirPort Express in my Photoshop file is just a cutout of the image at Apple’s Airport Express page, and scaled down a little to hide my quick cutout (with the polygonal lasso tool).


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