TV Tracker

TV Tracker is a Dashboard widget which pulls down Yahoo TV listings and displays them in a clean, glossy, very Mac-like interface. Immediately after opening and playing with TV Tracker, you’ll notice how responsive the interface is, as well as little details such as the progress dots on the back and custom scroll bar on the front. Like all widgets should be, it was idiot-proof to set up and use. TV Tracker is a prime example of a well polished third-party widget.

TV Tracker

6 thoughts on “TV Tracker

  1. Scrolling fast is “nature of the beast”. If you have 400 channels displaying, the scroller needs to shove pixels up to represent the amount of data hidden. And that is the nature of analog control. Either way, you can just simply click below and above the thumb to page down/up respectively.

    In our next release, we will have arrow key scrolling to help with the issue. Resizing is still being researched. Resizing widgets appears to be something of a pain to implement with dynamic data, so we’ll see how that progresses.


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