By Collin Allen

Xbox USB Controller Driver

April 17, 2005

Have you ever wanted to be able to use your Xbox controller as a gamepad for your computer games as well as your Xbox games? Darrell Walisser has released a 1.3 update to his great Xbox controller software, which is a kernel-level human interface driver for Mac OS X. It works at a low level so that any controller-aware game will be able to use it. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later, and is $5 shareware.

For the task of physically connecting your Xbox controller to your Mac, you can either buy an adapter from or build your own by splicing the Xbox wires into a USB cable. If you build your own, the wire colors should match, but ignore the yellow wire coming from the Xbox controller – it’s for powering a light gun used in a small few games.

With the controller connected to your computer and the driver installed, it’s easy to set up your favorite game to use it.