By Collin Allen


March 15, 2005

I recently discovered RCDefaultApp, a Mac OS X preference pane that gives you incredible control over some things that are hidden away in the system. For example, it lets you set the default application for handling URLs with different prefixes such as feed://, irc://, news://, etc. It also controls every file extension and type handled by Mac OS X, which is nice because sometimes the “Change All” button in Finder info windows doesn’t always do what it should. There are a few other things that you can use it for, like setting handlers for different MIME types and URLs. If you need very specific control over different file types, prefixes, extensions, and handler applications, this prefpane is exactly what you need. It, too, is freeware. I’m also impressed at how small its file size is - 98 KB. What’s not to love?